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A picnic could be arranged nearby, for which we have 3 spot options to offer where the picnic could be arranged.


  • For Picnic minimum group required would be of 30 persons, and max group strength could be 60.


  • Picnic menu refreshment will comprise of water bottles, one cup-cake, One pack of Chips, One Tetra packet of HPMC apple juice, One Sandwich per person.


Different picninc locations :-


  1. Nearby nature spot (almost at the starting of Jungle) - The group shall walk upto the point approx 3 kms.
  2. Nature Trek - Trek length 3 kms.
  3. Gambhar pul - Approx 20km distant free flowing water stream, Group security would lie with the Group Head/Incharge once at the spot.


Respective Price as per location :-

  1. Rs.650 per person
  2. Rs.750 per person
  3. Rs.1250 per person including transportation