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BBQ table for 8 persons, is available in the Mud-House resort lawn on prior booking (prior booking is atleast 24 hours before) at Rs.6500 with the following marinations included:

  1. 2 Skewers Pepper Potato
  2. 2 Skewers Mushroom Tikka
  3. 2 Skewers Paneer tikka
  4. 2 Skewers Malai Chicken
  5. 2 Skewers BBQ Chicken

* Skewer is equivalent to one portion.

* Speciality:- Beer-Can chicken marination with kadhai and beer could be made available at Rs.1200 extra. (Available Only if ordered a day before)

* Table allottment is for 3 hours on prior booking, timing starts once marinations are given.

* Coal Top-Up if asked for again shall be chargeable at Rs.500 per top-up.